Terms and conditions


Community Rules
  • Remember to put your phone(s) and gadget(s) on silent or vibration so as not to disturb other users.
  • Please make your best attempt to receive your phone calls outside the hub.
  • Remember to use your earpiece if you intend to listen to music.
  • We allow light snacks and fluids but not meals. Avoid bringing in snacks that can stain the furniture or give off a distracting smell.
  • Visitors are welcome to visit. Please keep all visits under an hour. Visitations should be received at the lounge.
  • Remember to keep your conversations low when having a conversation inside the hub.
Fees and Payment Conditions
  • We do not make refunds for unused plans after payments.
  • Payment for plans is expected before the commencement of the chosen plan.
  • The non-refundable and full payment for any plan is taken upfront, with receipts issued after the payment has been completed.
Suspension and Termination

Battens Hub reserves the rights to terminate plans if:

  • Any of our community rules is breached after prior warning.
  • The business carried out is not legitimate according to the laws of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.
  • There is an excessive disturbance from you or your  surbodinates in ways that distract others from working.
Membership terms
  • There will be no change of duration to any plan unless notified before the usage date.

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