We look out for your productivity and encourage your passion.

As one of the most flexible and productive spaces at Surulere in Lagos, we cater for needs of young professionals and freelancers providing them access to functional workspaces, personal meeting and reading spaces with access to good internet services at a competitive rate.

About US

We are building a community of learners and professionals.

Our hub intends to be a commonplace for collaborative knowledge and shared ideas between professionals and freelancers across various sectors. We made our environment equally conducive to various forms of digital learning.

Get Directions

We are at Adeniran Ogunsanya Mall in Surulere.

Directions: Locate Samsung store on the first floor of the mall and walk to the last shop towards the window.

We are also at 44, Ogunlana Drive in Surulere.

Why US?

Good Wi-Fi and Long Working Hours

We keep our doors open till 8:00pm everyday to ensure that you meet your work and learning target. We also have Wi-Fi for you to connect to and work. There is access to internet included in every plan.

Great Incentive and Reward System

We continually create reward systems for our clients. Depending on the subscribed plans, users get free days  occassionally and get discounts on long term plans.

Flexible Rates

Our rates are one of the most flexible and pocket friendly that you will find in the country! We are all about maximizing value for you and ensuring you reach the peak of your productivity without breaking the bank.

Our Facilities are built for comfort.

We have 3 different sitting areas styled differently to accommodate your different mood and needs for the day. We have a mini lounge area where you can slightly relax  during work and private reading areas for personal projects. We also have the wall sit for those that love the unconventional style of sitting.

We also made sure that each user has a minimum of 2 charging spots and created a little space to keep chargers for those that love their table space to look tidy.

There is also a water dispenser and and a printer available to maximize your comfort and ease of transacting business.


Co-working Plans (All Locations)

Training Room (Ogunlana Drive)

3 + 8 =


0814 455 4068


Mondays to Fridays

9:30am to 8:00pm


10:30am to 8:00pm


12:00pm to 8:00pm